Shock as 115 Mothers Rescued From Human Dairy

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The Nigerian authorities have rescued over 115 young mothers 60 miles South East of Abuja doing human dairy, who had their breast milk being harvested, processed, packaged and then turned into different dairy products like cheese, butter and fresh milk for consumption by different members of the public.

The mothers who are between the ages of 16 and 22 being the oldest were all reported missing three years ago. The authorities highly suspect that their abductors recorded and captured everything they did to them in the last three years, uploaded to a dark web to entertain various clients who highly demanded for these human dairy products.

These girls are alleged to have been raped and impregnated live on the internet. After giving birth they milked them like cows every single day of their stay. The milk was processed using the latest technology and would make it very hard for one to suspect that it’s not the dairy products that flock the market.

Three starving cows were kept at the front to easily persuade the authorities in case they got suspicious of what was going on in the facility. Majority of the products from the grimy warehouse were being shipped out of the country along with the numerous videos of the milk processing and packaging.

The computers and paperwork grasped show that the operation of the dairy was being financed by fans who watch the daily operations of the factory on the dark web. The funders in question were paying the operators of the human dairy using cryptocurrencies.

They pay to have personalized videos and breast milk products from specific girls and more. Some even go to the extent of requesting that a girl be fed a specific meal the day before she is milked to his liking and the traumatized girls are meant to say things like, ‘this milk is for you’.


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