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Sheilah Gashumba Ready to Defend Herself Against False Accusations

"Unless they confess all the lies, they will never see peace"

A few months ago, Sheilah Gashumba and the Boyfriend aka God’s plan came together to end the social media bullying in Uganda.
She took on her social media and asked Tina Fierce of Urban TV and Kampala Sun to apologize to her in two days. After they failed to apologize as she had asked them she went ahead and sued them on a case of Defamation. In the Climax the Tina Fierce’s show was put on a break until the issue is resolved.

In this period Tina was asked to apologize to Sheila but it was all in vain. She swore that she will not apologize to sheila Gashumba. In addition, because whatever she said was true and she is ready to justify her words in the courts of law.
Yesterday, Sheilah Gashumba together with her dad and their lawyers were given an opportunity by the UCC officials. In addition to air elaborately about their complaints towards URBANTV.

They pinned Tina Fierce with all the evidence that she managed to tarnish her name. Also, and her family’s image with false accusations all in the name of money. And all these made damages on her.
This was put on sheila H’s social media platform appreciating the UCC Officials for the great opportunity given to her.

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“Thank you @UCC OFFICIALS for the opportunity given to me to air elaborately about my complaints towards Urban TV. Also, thank you, my legal team and my Dad for the support. Thank you @ Callmegodsplan who started the campaign against cyberbullying and he did not stop in till action was taken.” “Unless they confess all the lies they said about you to gain favor, they will never know PEACE” Sheila Gashumba posted

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