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VIDEO: Self Styled Sheila Gashumba in a Fresh Verbal War With Dembe FM’s Kasuku.

"I Bought You Your First Lunch at Serena and Stop Begging My Boyfriend"

Story Highlights
  • The first person has been Tina Fierce if Urban television who even lost her job after the attacks Sheilah made to her
  • Kasuku is the second media personality Sheilah Gashumba is attacking badly showing how broke he is and how she bought him his first lunch ever at Serena hotel.
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The self-styled social and controversial slay queen Sheila Gashumba is at it again after winning a controversial fight of cyberbullying that saw UCC suspend Urban TV show Scoop on Scoop and the show host Tina Fierce.

Sheila who has embarked on silencing entertainment critic Kuku Wazabanga also known as Kasuku who made a statement basing on the recent scenario of Sheila accusing media personalities of cyberbullying asserting that she had no moral authority to condemn others since she has been a victim before.

Kasuku in his statements affirmed that previously Sheila had at one time embarrassed Robin Kitsi  while
formerly working with NTV Uganda, however, such statements did not go well into the ears of Sheila and
compelled her to fire back spitting venom on Kasuku’s words.

The socialites have vowed to make Kasuku face his wrath in case he hosts a show either in TV or radio attacking her, she will make him hate the program.  Asserting that Kasuku turned his guns on her because she turned  down his request to host her on his YouTube channel.

“I dare you to make any show abusing me either on a TV station or radio. You’re feeling bad because I turned down your request of hosting me on your YouTube channel just because you lack credentials to host me,  You’re too broke imagine a young girl like me buying you lunch. On different occasions when you meet me or Marcus you beg for money,” she revealed she bought him lunch at Serena Hotel for his first time.

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Sheila Gashumba further sent a disclaimer that Kasuku has never been her friend but rather he (Kasuku)  loves clinging around her and just made judgemental statements before inquiring from her as to why she took Tinna to
courts of law.

You claim to be my friend but did you ever call me to find out why I reacted that way to the former tv presenter! Kasuku if someone woke up and told your daughter that you molest her, wouldn’t your daughter abuse the person back if they kept abusing her for 2 weeks.” she added.

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