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Sheikh Umar Kamoga Fights Fire with Fire

Sheikh Umar Kamoga has come out and trashed sheikh Tamusuza’s allegations saying that Tamusuza should stop embarrassing himself. He is exposing his Ignorance about Islamic prayers.

A few days ago, sheikh Tamusuza accused sheikh Umar for having led a prayer for the dead on Kabako’s introduction ceremony. He alleged that Umar needs more classes because he is not a rightful Sheikh.

While appearing on SparkTV, Sheikh Umar Kamoga proved Tamusuza wrong. He managed to translate every Arabic word he said so as people can judge the two sheikhs. In addition to the above he said that Tamusuza is trying to attract people’s attention by attacking him.

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“Sheikh Tamusuza does not know the differences between prayers. He should stop embarrassing him self in front of people who respected him. Me I pray for people to get well and not like him for asks money from people. I am a giver not a beggar. I know he wishes to be like me the reason he is trying  to seek for people’s attention.” Sheikh Umar said



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