Sheikh Umar is not my Class – Sheikh Tamusuza

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Sheikh Arkam Tamusuza says that sheikh Umar is not his class. He accuses Sheikh Umar for leading a prayer for the dead on Kabako’s introduction.

While appearing on SparkTV, Sheikh Tamusuza alleged that sheikh Umar led a prayer for the dead on Kabako’s introduction. He added saying that he is not a rightful sheikh, he needs to go for more classes. As thought the plate was not full Sheikh tamusuza said that he is willing to offer him his primary one kid to take him through classes at a free cost.

“Sheikh Umar knows nothing in the Islamic religion. He is not a rightful sheikh. You can not pray a prayer for the dead on an introduction ceremony. Even my primary one kid is better than him. He should actually come for lessons from him at a free cost. And maybe where necessary I will offer a helping hand.” He said.

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Basing on the current situation, we await sheikh Umar’s response as sheikh Tamusuza’s allegations have raised eyebrows and left many wondering if it’s gospel truth or false gossip.

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