Sheikh Silimani Ndirangwa is still Supreme Mufti – Deputy Supreme Mufti Mahmood Kibaate.

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According to Deputy Supreme Mufti Mahmood Kibaate, although they have heard of the resignation of Supreme Mufti Silimani Ndirangwa, the office of the Supreme Mufti still awaits his resignation for clarity.

The office of the Supreme Mufti has learnt of the resignation of Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa from his duties as Supreme Mufti. As we wait for a formal notification and subsequent guidance from the council of Sheikhs, the office of Supreme Mufti remains open and operational.” Deputy Supreme Mufti Mahmood Kibaate says.

This follows Sheikh Silimani Ndirangwa’s Thursday announcement in a brief interview with journalists at Bulange where he said;

I have resigned as the Supreme Mufti of Uganda. I have taken the decision for the good of
Islam. I have resigned to keep Islam in peace because I am sure that Islam is bigger than me as
an individual.”  Silimani Ndiragwa stated. Something Supreme Mufti Mahmood Kibaate is against.

In his statement, the Sheikh Zubair Kayongo April 2015 successor also cited conflict as the main
reason for his step down.

To maintain peace within the religion, I have decided to step down because I won’t keep on fighting with fellow Sheikhs in Islam at all times. I am sure that there are those who can serve better that me. So let me give them the room to serve Islam and perhaps accomplish what I might have not finished in my reign” he said.

However, the Supreme Mufti’s departure seems to have been delayed by his failure to submit
his resignation to the council of Sheikhs as a cardinal requirement for his termination from


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