Sheikh Muzaata Health Updates As His Death Rumor Escalates

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One of the most celebrated Muslim clerics, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte has been in the news since last week about his death. More speculations have been making rounds on social media claiming that Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte is dead as others said he was just admitted but critically ill. Here is Sheikh Muzaata health updates.

And now, as the situation intensifies, some bloggers still are announcing him dead as others went to Kawempe where his home is to confirm. Although, the picture seen at home doesnt give hopes, this has kept confusing Ugandans on what could be going on with Muzaata’s life and is currently admitted at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) .

Close sources, from inside indicate that it is true Muzaata is not dead, he is still battling for his life and in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Much as we can confirm this, his health stand is not any promising at all, according to his closest friend, Imam Idi Kasozi.

Sheikh Muzaata is alive. I have just spoken to him 5 minutes ago,” Imam Kasozi. a renowned Muslim scholar said on Thursday morning. But what is killing Sheikh Muzaata?

How it All Started

Close sources indicate that, for months now, the hard Muslim cleric has been unwell but the situation allegedly intensified when one of his wives Kulthum Nabunya moved out of their marital home in Kawempe after a bitter verbal attack from Muzaata.

At the beginning of August, he barked at her when visitors were there and this humiliated her. She packed her things and left the home and this deteriorated Muzaata’s health diminishing his immunity because he couldn’t take care of himself for the last 4 months,” an inside source revealed.

And it is being learnt that, Kulthum has remained defiant and vowed only to return if Muzaata commits himself in writing that he will never bark at her again. The two have three children together and Kulthum works with Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA).


We shall keep you posted about any developments concerning Sheikh Muzaata Health updates, keep it Times Uganda


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