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Sheebah to help Rita Dancer get out of prison

Famous singer Queen Sheebah real name Kalungi Sheebah is set to help her best dancer and friend Rita Dancer get out of prison. This came after a video made rounds on social media showing Ritah Dancer with police men being led behind bars.

It is said that Ritah Dancer was arrested by Spice Diana and her manager Roger who accused of her defamation after making some statement on the concluded concert. Ritah is not the only person who talked about Spice Diana’s concert but for her she went ahead to expose the manager Roger when he called her threatening her life.

Ritah made a Facebook live video saying if she dies or gets any problem people should immediately know it’s Manager Roger who has done that to her. After the live Facebook, Ritah didn’t say anything else and we all thought things had been resolved until yesterday when she was seen in prison.

According to Sheebah, things wouldn’t have gone this far yet people can solve the issues in a mature way. Sheebah said she didn’t know all this was going on but she is willing to help Ritah get out of jail and settle everything down.

Weird Fact: When I posted the video of me & one of my favorite dancers Rita Dancer , I had no idea of what’s happening (honestly am still in shock)  Am sad that it had to get that far cause I personally don’t think it should have gotten that far.

I still think there could’ve been a better way to settle this other than Jail kubanga abantu ngabatwogerera!! Bwetunasiba buli omu tunakomawa?? But then again, maybe thats just me. Let me make a phone call and see if there’s any way we can solve this as Mature, Kind & Respectful Humans. It doesn’t have to be like this. We need more love & understanding. #FreeRita,” Sheebah posted

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