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Sheebah Karungi speaks about her dream to have own children

Singer Sheebah Karungi also known as Karma Queen Sheebah has spoken about her dream to have her own children in the near future. In Uganda’s music industry, female artistes have always had fear to give birth saying it takes their career back by taking time off to give birth and raise a child and also the body shape gets out of a celebrity figure.

But some artistes go beyond even the age of giving birth because of the sane fear despite the pressure of their fans to have children and families on their own. For Sheebah she is currently 33 years of age and she joined the music industry before she even turned 18 years. At first she was a dancer who used to perform in karaokes but later decided to join the real music industry as an artiste.

Throughout her career, she has been blessed and successful that her songs become hits everywhere and she has managed to build a mansion, look after her family, start her businesses with the money she gets from her talent. However with everything she has, Sheebah Karungi has failed one thing which is to find a man of her dreams and start a family with him children inclusive.

In one of her interviews, Sheebah revealed that she is not ready to get married to anyone because she likes being independent although she wants to have a child without a man. The pressure on her has been so high fans asking when she is going to have a child but she has replied them with a chilling statement. According to Sheebah, she is going to have children on her own terms and in the future without any world’s pressure

“Yes I love kids and I hope to have my own babies in future, but at my own liking and, not from the world’s pressure” Sheebah Karungi said

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