Sheebah is Simply a Dancer, not a Singer- Miles Rwamiti

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The pain that Rwamiti Miles seems to feel after a two times failure in politics can only be explained by Dr. Kizza Besigye. A rehabilitation center should have been made by Kifefe for all these traumatized losers in the just concluded elections.

Well, Rwamiti Miles seems to be traumatized by the loss he got in the just concluded elections and it seems to be taking him over. A few days ago, the presenter told a certain TV that Sheebah is not a singer but a dancer and this is why she is not good enough. He added that the “icecream” hitmaker is just a gambler who has made it out of luck.

“Sheebah is not a singer, she Isa dancer. She just has luck. She just makes things and out of luck and chance, things turn out right so I can not waste my time on her…,” he said.
This followed an analysis he was making on the music industry saying that there are no more good singers in Uganda and that he was planning to put up a music school to train them how to sing. “Come on, let’s love ourselves first. That’s why I am going to start up a music school to teach music because most of these artists nowadays do not know how to sing…,” He said.

The presenter is annoyed about the people mocking all those who did not make it to different positions. He thinks Ugandans are traitors for not voting Joseph Mayanja for the Lord Mayorship seat. “Where you see 149, just know it’s Miles Rwamiti. Stop mocking those who failed in politics. You do not know the hustles of getting a nomination. You have no idea on what it feels like to get 3m, pay it and start campaigning.

Ugandans are traitors, how could they forsake Chameleon, who has been a darling to them all these years?” He asked.
Unlike others like Joseph Chameleon, who got a flight to the US a few days ago, we do not know where Rwamiti is planning to run to for a consolation vacation. Perhaps Bebe Cool will pay the rehabilitation bills if such is needed.

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