Sex Scandals, Greed, Nepotism Blow NWSC up MD Silver Mugisha Warned

There is an alleged time bomb that is erupting at National Water and Sewerage Cooperation (NWSC) the Uganda’s water handling body. This is after a bitter letter addressed to the Managing Director Silver Mugisha leaked to our news desk. In this letter from the staff of NWSC scandal, many heads of department are also attacked and everyone is served with a warning.

In this long letter, the staff are allegedly concerned on how the heads of the institution are handling business and their wellbeing. In the same letter, s#x scandals are highlighted, greed, nepotism, theft where random staffs are promoted without following any criteria and of course corruption scandals are highlighted.

Here is the full letter as addressed to the MD Silver Mugisha from NWSC staff, and they have called for immediate action or the worst war is coming the bosses’ ways. The NWSC scandal takes a huge shape.


“Silver Mugisha, stop thinking that you are a managing director of fools. We are very intelligent staffs, very sober and we are still giving you an opportunity to clean this Corporation or else we will blow you up. We are sick and tired of torturing us workers and we are not going to stop exposing each and everyone of you until you clean this Corporation. 

You corrupt evil bosses are busy promoting your children and relatives under cover while busy fooling us that you are working on our scale alignment. Your selected s#x machine staffs and political children are busy picking their new scale promotion letters while you are busy fooling us with appraisals and your stupid salary scale alignment draft going around.” the letter started exposing the NWSC scandal.

“That salary scale structure will only work in Areas where staffs just sit and do nothing but not in Kampala water. You cannot keep exploiting us and from our sweat you fools go home with 30million per month. No staff in Kampala water should earn less than 1million a month. We cannot go through all this pressure and stress and you compare us with area staffs. No way

And why are you confusing us and yourselves tagging a salary scale to a specific branch performance. You people stop thinking that we are stupid. You want to use this trick to put your children and your sex machines in the billion branches so that they get the fat scales. You people we are not stupid.  

We are a full battalion of Kampala water staffs. We started this war and until you align our scales and issue out our letters as fast as possible. Then just know that this war has just begun. We are going to keep on exposing you on a daily basis until even your relatives get ashamed of your corrupt ways. This is just the beginning. You have robbed us enough and we are tired of working for you.

Our families go hungry whiles your children are eating pizzas and going to international schools. Enough is enough. Kampala Water staffs rise up and we fight for fairness. Until we get our new salary scale letters. Just report to work, sign in the book, go to the field and do nothing.

Let’s be defiant until it reflects in the figures. Plumbers create non revenue water losses. Cuts pipes under where they can’t see and let the water get wasted. Let us torture them with poor performance until they respond to our anger. 

Imagine we are going through this torture and they make it worse by giving us an evil spirit of a human resource called Peter Makumbi. This ka man is a real devil. He is the evilest human resource manager any Corporation can have. That man does not even have the qualifications in human resource.

He has been cutting deals with these bosses but he went behind their back and exposed them by sharing his own data base of his recruitment dealings he has been carrying out. Peter should resign and be investigated.

Peter Makumbi recruited so many staffs without qualifications and money exchanged hands for some people to get jobs. Kampala Water has female managers who have no qualifications but they got these jobs because of their legs. So after feeling the pressure, Silver Mugisha quickly transferred these sex machines of his and switched them within different branches.” NWSC scandal continues to be exposed.

This goes to all men out there. If your wife is a manager in Kampala water and she has spent more than 5years in the same branch. That one is Mugisha’s s#x machine. When he panicked he quickly exchanged these women and switched them within branches but as long as they are 5years above as branch managers in Kampala water, then just know that you are eating your woman with Mugisha and some other top bosses.

But don’t worry we are going to keep on exposing them and their acts on a daily basis. Only manager Apoto currently in Nakawa branch is innocent. All the other females Branch Managers with 5years in the same branch before being switched or currently still in are s#x machines. They should be investigated and they should present their education qualifications. 

Staffs have master’s degrees and Peter Makumbi the fake human resource is making them to read meters yet these uneducated women are there managing branches. Silver Mugisha even gave his sister in law a branch to manage not because she has the qualifications but just because she is a sister to his wife. And these people want results. 

When you are a staff with better qualifications, this ka human resource called Peter removes your certificates and degrees from your files and destroys them. These do not even believe in real qualified staffs. In NWSC even if you go back to school, your added qualifications are never valued. The real qualified staffs are the ones on scale 8 while the senior two drop outs like manager Zam are on scale 1. 

Peter Makumbi stop robbing the Corporation through the Corporation medical scheme. The houses you have bought including those two Bugolobi flats are enough. You should resign and get Investigated to see whether your salary matches with your property.  

When new staffs are recruited, you still rob them even from the motorcycle deal cuts with the banks over the loans they take and you can’t even give them the 15 litres of fuel they are entitled to. How greedy are you people than you want to steal from every corner.

This Peter has been human resource and has sat in that same chair for over 12 years. So the level of impunity and arrogance he treats staffs has gone beyond measure. 

This ka short man called Peter Makumbi even threatens to deal with some staffs if their god parents leave the Cooporation. The ka man behaves as if he owns Kampala water yet he is a total fraud. He has his own human resource data base that he uses to manipulate his top bosses so that they do not remove him from that position.

No one is safe until we set a clean policy in this Corporation. Otherwise, the moment your god parent leaves the Corporation, that will be the end of you too. So we better fight now and clean this Corporation. 

NWSC staffs have you realized that Peter Makumbi has been collaborating with our head office bosses to steal all our NSSF saving. Get time and go to NSSF and find out when they last put your saving. They last put our savings in April. These evil, corrupt bosses are busy constructing buildings from your sweat and even your little saving is being robbed off. 

Peter Makumbi we want our NSSF and our gratuity. You have been giving the payroll team specific accounts to deposit our NSSF money but we want it. You people are playing with fire but you are going to know what we are made of. We want our gratuity and our NSSF other we will release even the personal account numbers where this money has been going to. 

We have another serial thief called Eng Bigabwa. This is another thief that should resign with immediate effect and be investigated. This incompetent engineer works with branch managers to rob the Corporation. He agrees with branch managers to create no water cases in order to cut deals in extensions and intensifications. The millions this fake engineer called Bigabwa and his entire network team have stolen from this Cooporation can pay staffs gratuity in two weeks.

We have come out to expose you Bigabwa because you are busy destroying the careers of innocent young engineers who had the integrity not to allow your fraud in the branches they were working in.

When these engineers refused to pass the fake works that Bigabwa and his conniving managers wanted them to pass, Bigabwa started hunting for them and wrote bad reports about them to be sent back to head office

Silver Mugisha, the only way you will get out of our claws is if you rise up and clean these rotten eggs. Like we told you, this war is just starting and we are going to keep on exposing every corrupt NWSC officials until you deal with them. 

So pay our gratuity, release our new aligned salary scale letters , those female managers of yours that you sleep with and give them branches for so many years until they want to own them like their property and treat staffs like trash. 

That Peter Makumbi who has become a demi god for over 12 years in the same position that engineer Bigabwa destroying innocent engineers because they had integrity. You better deal with these issues otherwise this war is just beginning.  Transport department you are next.

That is part of the leaked letter NWSC scandal we received, and the allegations in this letter are still not valid yet until we confirm them. Our team is doing a follow up, we shall get you posted as soon as we unveil details.

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