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SCREENSHOTS: Ka Malaika Denies ‘Okuwomela’ Paul Owor After He Bought Her a Car

As we roll the mat to go do some other things than gluing ourselves on these social networks that have become a bore these days (we completely attribute it to data shortage) people are no longer so active. The we landed on this App Twitter which gets slippery whenever it decides to and yes, it gets us grooving, that is when we landed on Twitter’s number 5 @UgaWoman aka Ka Malaika breaking the car news to us.

Well, no one expected it but it happened she was gifted with a brand new Sienta  and fuel worth 700,000 shillings from the usual blesser Paul Owor (for a long time rumored to be her sumbie tormentor) that has truthfully blessed many people on Twitter even those that he has never met personally. But in the twist of events, Ka Malaika appeared and defended herself so hard how she was blessed like any other person and she didn’t kuwoomela Paul first to get the car.

She even apologized for all ‘social media in laws’ that if her car gift hurt them so much, she wont apologize for being ‘blessed’ although we still didn’t get the blessed she meant. But anyways, this sparked off a stiff wahala on the TL which pushed Ka Malaika to spill more secrets than we knew.

The only people that don’t understand that my relationship is with Paul is completely platonic are men who buy you pizza or one beer and he expects you to lay with him. Plus women who receive a necklace from a man and he feels entitled to their body. How sad and degrading” Ka Malaika went bare knuckles with the ‘haters’ on the already slippery streets.


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