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SCREENSHOTS – Bad Black Attacks Sheilah C Gashumba on Snapchat

In an ongoing battle of Bad Black and Sheilah Gashumba on Snapchat, masolo queen Bad black attacks Sheilah Gashumba saying that there is no type of person that can be influenced by Sheilah’s Deeds.

The battle started on Thursday night with Sheilah Gashumba attacking Bad Black for talking ill about her Boyfriend God’s plan. Bad Black referred to God’s plan as a broke nigga which Sheilah didn’t like.
In Sheilah’s attack and a way of defending her boyfriend, from being addressed as broke. She said that Bad Black is shameless. She also says that Bad Black should at least appreciate the fact that Sheilah fed and cared for her when she was sick. Sheilah went ahead and questioned Bad Black’s influence on society.

This put Snapchat on fire as Bad Black let the cat out of the bag. She questioned Sheilah’s influence on society saying all that Sheilah does is not a good influence on society.

“Who does Sheilah Gashumba influence? Simububi. She influences them to do what? Does she influence her to drop out of school? About date crooks, dress skimpy, social-climbing every one? Abuse of former employers? Backstab friends. WHAT AND WHO DOES SHE INFLUENCE.
At least Bad Black influences Single Mothers, ex-convicts, prostitutes, even governments of Uganda emumanyi;” Bad black asked.

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This is not ending well with Sheilah as Cindy also joined the battle with questions. She asked how Sheilah is going to inspire her when all her money is tagged to a man? She said that Sheilah is not a hustler at all.
“How are you doing today inspire me when all your money is tagged to a man? Your father, uncle, boyfriend, how you a hustler madam?” Cindy asked.

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