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Sasha Brighton reveals how Dorothy Shonga attempted to burn her in a car

Embattled singer Sasha Brighton Kalungi has opened up about her woes with co-wife, Dorothy Shonga. Sasha Brighton during a local TV interview revealed how Dorothy at one time attempted to burn her alive in a car. It should be called that these two women have one denominator and that’s Herbert Shonga.

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga socialites from Malawi but living in Uganda got married in 2016. They however later divorced in 2019 after Dorothy accused Herbert Shonga of infidelity. It was Sasha Brighton that Shonga was romping with day and night. The two eventually got well along for a couple of years.

They however parted ways later and don’t see eye to eye. Questioned whether she had run-ins with Dorothy, the Amaalo singer said that she did. Dorothy threatened her severally and one time attempted to kill her. The goons she hired however tipped Sasha Brighton off about this plot because they felt pity for her.

“Shonga’s wife hired people to spy on me, and there was even a time she hired people to set me on fire while I was in my car. The individuals she hired later got in touch with me and told me everything because they felt sorry for me,” claimed Sasha.

The singer also talked about her baby daddy who dumped her while she was pregnant. Sasha Brighton last year appeared to be crying in a leaked WhatsApp voice note. She was heard talking about her sad situation where she couldn’t afford basic needs after her bae dumped her.

The former Da New Eagles singer said that she was perplexed after he went mute when she was around 7 months pregnant. He started becoming cold towards her despite having enjoyed the first few months of their relationship.

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