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Rwanda’s Meddy in Ground Breaking Queen of Sheba Song

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Rwanda’s Meddy who surely dragged a multitude into falling in love back in 2017 through his ‘slowly’ hit
has surely done it again. The singer, Meddy has appeared in Queen of Sheba song.

Through his recently released ’Queen of Sheba’ that would surely anchor that girl who has been
giving you headache from her highly held glorious crown, down into your arms, you surely need
to listen to this song.

Prior to this, Meddy had decided to pour all his love for his newly wedded wife into a lovely
song as he realized ‘My vow,’ there’s no doubt that this song only made Mekfira fall in love with
Meddy more.

But as usual, no bicycle can ride without a chain, so how about a little spicing up for ’My vow’
with the ‘Queen of Sheba’ just to affirm what a spell of love Mekfira has cast one of the
previously most sought bachelors into.

Ladies just to cheat the examinations for you, in case he dedicates the ‘Queen of Sheba’ to you,
there’s no doubt the kingdom is under your full custody as surely, no better words can express
how deep a man’s love can go.

Even through the bounds of the lockdown, before your can reach your lover’s arms to feel like
warmth and love, ‘Queen of Sheba’ will truly embrace you with all the emotions a woman’s
heart has ever craved.

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Rwandan artiste Ngabo Médard Jobert popularly known as Meddy or the cupid of our era was
born on 7th August 1989. Upon hitting the music industry, he majored into the genres of RnB
and Pop.

Since producing ‘slowly’ back in 2017 that right away became the love anthem, he has been
keeping the love meter oscillating for many Ugandan couples, so here is another short for all
men trying to win those stubborn hearts, try Meddy’s ‘Queen of Sheba,’ it will do the magic.

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