You can’t curse me, am a star Ronald Alimpa tells mother

Previously, it was reported that singer Ronald Alimpa who is currently still bedridden at Mulago hospital after being involved in a fatal accident last month in which four of his colleges died is said to have hurled insults at his mother saying he can’t be cursed by her, for he is a superstar which made his mother leave him alone in the hospital.

Ronald Alimpa’s mother says that his son made all insults at her because he wanted her leave the hospital because she was not making room for him to smoke weed and other wired characters. Ronald Alimpa’s mother went ahead and said that his son also vowed never to give her any single regardless she knows nothing about his childhood life.

“He told me my husband left me when I was 17, and I told him he left me, but I raised you…. He told me to go and die, go and die because there is no way you can help yourself, who ‘ll give you soap again? I don’t beg…. I ask… he doesn’t look for me, and I also won’t look for him, Doctors sympathized with me, but then had nothing to do. They told me to leave… We were all embarrassed. They should not say we abounded him, he is the one who chased us away,” she said.

She continued and said, “He told me to go and die… Let me go and die as he told me… I told him, Ronald, I’m 43, and told him, you’re 23, by the time you reach 43, you’ll have seen a lot about this world… And he told me, I’m a superstar, you can’t curse me… He’ll heal, and I pray that he heals and understand this world,” she concluded.

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