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Ronald Alimpa publicly apologizes to mother

Singer Ronald Alimpa known for his hit song ‘Lusuku lwa cement’ has finally apologized to his mother in the public after disrespecting her. Ronald Alimpa got an accident last month while going to perform somewhere upcountry. He was so fortunate that he survived because other people like Lady Grace and his manager lost their lives from the accident.

As lucky as he is, Alimpa’s family was their for him and well wisher Mama Fina also stepped in to help in the finances especially food and treatment that was immediately needed. However as Alimpa got better, he started disrespecting people who were their for him like his mother chasing her out of the hospital. Ronald Alimpa didn’t only chase his mother, he went ahead and disrespected her saying she is jealousy of his love life that maybe she wants him to date her also like any other women.

Mama Fina is the one that spilled that secret to the public saying she was very surprised to hear that from a young boy like Alimpa disrespecting someone who gave birth to him. In a recent interview with a local television, Ronald Alimpa denied saying any indecent word like that to his mother ever.

Alimpa said his mother doesn’t like his wife but that can’t take away their relationship as son and mother because that is what they are meant to be. Alimpa apologized to his mother saying she should forgive him in whatever he wronged her and promised that life is going to be better for them.

“I want my mother to forgive me if I really wronged her. However I don’t remember saying she wants me to date her because I don’t think I could say anything like that to my mother. I love her and she also knows that our relationship is going no where because she is my mother and no one will ever replace that. I Know she doesn’t like my wife and I understand that she doesn’t need to like my wife,” Ronald Alimpa said.

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