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Rema Namakula showers hubby with love on their 4th anniversary

Singer Rema Namakula is not about to let social media in laws settle as she continues to share love moments with her husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya as they celebrate their 4th anniversary. Rema started dating with Hamza in 2018 when her marriage with Eddy Kenzo begab to fall apart.

The relationship grew stronger in 2019 and Rema decided to completely divorce Eddy Kenzo with whom she was with for more than five years as she moved on with Hamza. They has a clear Introduction ceremony that made headlines in the media which made Eddy Kenzo cry to his fans for sympathy.

Despite everything that happened, Rema happily moved on without looking back and she also welcomed her second child with Hamza one year ago. Like any other celebrity, Rema Namakula has lived a life of sharing her loving moments with fans on social media although few weeks ago she said she had reduced sharing moments because people are very selfish.

But when Hamza was rumored to be cheating, Rema resumed to posting him again and sharing the moments with their children and friends. Yesterday they were celebrating an anniversary and Rema couldn’t fail to be romantic as she wrote an emotional message to Hamza.

According to Rema, Hamza still gives her butterflies like he did when they started dating and she can’t be more thankful than she is now. Rema said being with Hamza is one of the best decisions she has ever made and she can’t regret at any moment.

“Today marks 4yrs since I met you,3yrs since I introduced you to my family and friends. It’s magical how you still give me butterflies 🦋. You are one of my best decisions ever 🥰 cheers to more years of loving and spoiling me 😋 Happy Anniversary to us Papi❤❤❤. NINKUKUNDA MUNONGA ❤❤ Rema Namakula posted.

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