Rema and Hamza Fully Redefine the Word ‘Love’

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Just months after the two, Rema Namakula and her husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya got official, love has been in the air. We have seen the two do projects together, smile together and of course, win together. This is the reason why, Rema is currently the most happy female celebrity we have in Uganda. Her birthday treat nails it all.

Now, Dr. Hamza decide to surprise Rema as he took her over the sjies up to Dubai, to tour, have fun and of course celebrate her 30th birthday that is coming up in  a few days from today. This however, got Rema caught off guard as she expected they were traveling only three people.

Those are, Aamal Musuuza their daughter, Rema and her husband Hamza. But to her surprise, when they reached at the airport Entebbe International, they found the whole family was there waiting for them. They flew and the rest is enjoyment ku enjoyment.

Rema's Birthday 2021

Watch Rema Namakula Viral Birthday Video


What do we learn from this couple?

First of all, Rema showed everyone that it is you to give yourself the happiness you need. Yes, her ex lover Eddy Kenzo has money and fame, but was that enough for Rema? We all saw what happened in the end.

Then, in a relationship, it is always a win win game, Rema ushered Dr. Hamza in her life, but still Hamza did not just sit back and hang his legs in the air. He has stood by her and done everything to stop haters from laughing at Rema. Now he has started making her have fun in the air space, yes, 40,000 feet off the ground!


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Remember, Rema is set to celebrate her 30th birthday in the coming days, and it is from here that we get to wish the couple a wonderful time. And to Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, you are a great picture on the wall which is being viewed by many young men, keep up the game.

Rema and Hamza on her birthday treat in Dubai


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