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Reasons why Serena Bata was fired from Abitex Promotions

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Singer Serena Bata has been fired from Abtex Promotions were she has been working from in her music career for the past three years. Serena Bata joined the music industry in 2018 through one of the city tycoons now in prison Sipapa but her music career didn’t get successful through him.

Instead Serena Bata became famous for accepting to be Sipapa’s wife on top of other three women that Sipapa was involved with romantically. Being talented, when Serena Bata kept on showing her passion for music, Abtex as a music Promoter picked up interests in managing Serena Bata.

Abtex has been with Serena Bata for now three years and together they have released so many songs and Serena Bata’s music career has tremendously improved from where she was with her ex Sipapa. However as things were going on smoothly in the music, everything has turned down after Serena Bata breached the contract she signed with Abtex.

According to Abtex Promotions Facebook page, Serena was found performing shows that he had not booked yet he is the manager and in the contract they signed she wasn’t supposed to perform without the managers performance.

Another reason why Serena Bata was fired is because she was found smoking shisha in public which she is not allowed in the contract. However, Abtex revealed that the shows they had already booked for her under the Abtex Promotions will still happen.

“Serena Bata has been fired from abtex promotion after breaching her contractual obligations she was caught performing at un booked show and smoking shisha in public!! Though already booked shows under abtex promotions will go on!! Ie radio busoga 1 show on 4th December next week Luweero’s show and all booked festival shows. Under abtex promotions we value our customers first, discipline and cultural morals,” Abitex revealed.

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