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Reasons Why Nina Roz is the Best Female Artiste Uganda 2021

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Despite the challenges that were faced by Nina Roz in her music career after her break up with lover Daddy Andre, there’s no doubt that she surely captured the attention of most Ugandans for the past six months.

Towards the end of 2020, we all absorbed the sounds of the billboard song as Nina Roz spoke of a love so deep to a point that it struck her like lightning. We all know how it goes when it’s all fresh and new, the relationship surely grasps your heart.

Shortly had we recovered from the sounds of “billboard” than we are plugged into the world of “Nangana” as the music duo by then celebrated city couple Daddy Andre and Nina Roz went on to blow our minds with their unconditional love.

Hold on, that’s not all, the two a month or so later decided to give us a glimpse into their bedroom life ith the realize of “Andele,” it was a love story to watch out for by then, no wonder it had Daddy Andre jumping like a kangaroo.

As if to indicate an impending doom, Nina Roz in a collaboration with Oliqi Ranking realizes the “Mbikooye” hit in which she clearly indicates she has decided to move on. Little did we know tables will surely turn soon.

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And now, when all is old and grey and the love between Daddy Andre and Nina Roz is out like a light, Nina Roz still finds her way to our hearts with her recently realized song “enyonta” expressing her craving for her lover.

From the look of things for the last 6 months in 2021, it’s no doubt that Nina Roz has surely moved on from the “olumya bano” days as she surely seems to be destined for the skies basing on the rate at which she is thriving.

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