Reasons Why Every Woman Must Have Waist Beads

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  • After the reading of this article, you will have a second thought about having waist beads if you really never had them
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Have you seen some ladies with those African waist beads around their waist? Wondering the essence of having them or are you contemplating on whether to grab yourself one or two? Well, worry no more we have got you sorted from what you need to do, to where you need to go and you shall surely have a heavenly experience that you will never forget.

Weight Check

Let us start from where it matters the most. That weight, and the constant trips to the weighing
scale monitor it, imagine you had a constant weighing scale around you, the beads will surely
work in your favor.

All you must know is that the level of tightness will fluctuate with your size, when you gain weight, the African waist beads will become tighter and when you lose weight, they will loosen, simple and clear. Now be my guest and watch your hourglass body.

Body Shaping

In case the exercises and diets are not working in your favor, try the expertly proven beads. Get
them around your waist and let us watch how waspy your waist shall become and that iss not all

They will definitely enhance your body shape and you shall trend as Uganda’s Nicki Minaj, especially if you’re looking to out compete that saying, “Shape like a coca cola bottle” so that it shall become “shape like Naki’s body.”

So you know the other gender, the target, this is a trap for them. Many of them watch and
admire, put yourself in their shoes, a lady with these beautifully colored beads around her
waist, you would surely want to run home to her.

So if you are tired of the late nights and want him home by 8.00 pm, get the waist beads and you would have hacked his mind 24/7. So it is that time of the day and we are looking at spicing things up in the bedroom while the children are asleep.

uses of waist beads

Well you got that right, waist beads are the secret. The way they enhance your body beauty brightens the moment and that is not all, his eyes shall surely aim southwards after that so let’s do it girls. Give him the cookie and spice it up with a little syrup.

Still wondering why you should get yourself the African waist beads, if this does not help you make up your mind, then talk to your Mr. Right so that he can fill you in on all his wildest fantansies about the priceless treasures.


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V Wetting

It is of no hiding that these African waist beads, our Senga’s emphasize on them asserting that, there is a way they increase on the natural endowments of women. This is a way that, they enhance on the amount of natural wetness, so any woman out there has to know.

You need your man to keep around you, think about the best times he explores your V and he gets that urge of coming back home earlier than daily, now you know the other hustle less secret.

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