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Rapper Victor Kamenyo Beaten to Pulp Left Nursing Wounds By Thugs

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Musician Victor Kamenyo is nursing wounds after thugs beat him up last night, the faded rapper took it to his official social media platforms confirming the incident showing off the wounds on his arms inflicted by the thugs.

This morning, the rapper affirmed that he was beaten by the thugs who attacked him and fled off with some valuables which he could not ascertain their worth. In a Facebook post, he stated that;
“Thugs thanks God I didn’t die yesterday” Kamenyo posted.

Ever since the lockdown was functional and blocking of events, scenarios of beating up artistes had minimized with either minimal cases or no case at all, however, the recent beating up of Kamenyo is a new phenomenon reappearing in attacks on the local celebrities.

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According to Times Uganda Intel, word has it that the suspected thugs believed Victor Kamenyo had reaped off big from donors. In addition, who are funding his charity organization whose main aim is to resettle the street children and orphans.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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