Rapper Santana Karma Revives Musical Career and Releases Katumba Oyee Song

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He ran mysteriously off the musical scene, but singer Santana Karma silence has been golden since he has hit up with a banger tune called Katumba Oyee. As usual, the comic rapper is someone who jumps on something, and he makes it sound great after lyricalising it.

It should be remembered that Katumba Oyee is currently a trending word that is used by the youthful presidential candidate Katumba John. Since he iniitated it as a slogan for his campaigns, many have followed him due to the way he pronounces it and makes it so comical.

Katumba Oyee is a complete rap song done by rapper Santana Karma (Puliida) where he showers praises to Katumba John and again pull the musical part of it. No fan of his can be left down when it is playing.

It is produced by producer Mello and released under Bullet Proof Records where the rapper sings in. It is his first song to be dropped this year 2020 and it is thought to wrap up the year still. Katumba Oyye video will drop soonest on the will of the singer.



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