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Rapper GNL Zamba Hits Gravity Hard, Brands Him an “Empty TIN”

The War of Rappers Just Started

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  • Gravity Omutujju and GNL Zamba war of words sparked off and it is taking an ugly lead as GNL brands Gravity Omutujju an Empty Tin who failed to make a fortune in the rap game rather than lamenting....
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Rapper Ernest Nsimbi popularly known as GNL Zamba is in a heated up verbal war with fellow rappers
particularly Gravity Omuttujju branding him an “Empty TIN” ruining the progress of HipHop music genre in Uganda.

The rapper has stated that instead of his fellow rappers emulating him for giving light and life to the HipHop music they rather demean those uplifting the game.  Zamba however took it to social media lamenting on how he fused the music and closed up the generational gap something the revolutionized the industry.

“When I wrote Ani Yali Amanyi verses and sampled the Ugandan legend Elly wamala to bridge the gap of old and young crowds in Hiphop. It brought success and introduced Hiphop to more masses. 4 years after I had showed that the formulae worked, EMPTY TIN also got inspired and made Walumbe Zaya sampling Job Kafeero! I was inspired by Elly, and I give credit.” GNL busted out.

Does Empty tin give credit to anyone that is why ka industry Kaffe tekakula. Ekko kumitima jabantu abamu !!!!  Not letting success build upon success and respect but bickering being small minded” He added In an expression  of his dissatisfaction. GNL Zamba lately has taken all his anger on social media one of the platforms he feels can directly reach his critics and enemies of progress.

Zamba affirms that he is now back to give soul, life and hope to the diminishing HipHop genre of music in the country after being on a recess in the diaspora asserting that he only equates himself to Jay Z  and yet but no one can equal him in the game on the African continent.  In a lengthy assertion,  GNL Zamba disclosed this.

Dear HipHop Empty tins make a lot of noise !!!! But we shall continue growing together as Lugaflow !! Locally and Globally. Tukomyewo namanyi. BAKANKANA The empty tin said we never made any danceable Hiphop Songs like I didn’t introduce the KIKANKANE formula that the EMPTY TIN uses to feed its loved ones !!! Number one for a year on chats in the region but I guess prophets are not respected in their homelands.” Zamba emphasized on his point.

Judas among the true HipHop believers. The empty tin got its platform from the nights we organized at Sabrinas and other clubs with my label to give back to the community by uplifting other artists. We as builders continue to be disrespected but when we reply in a battle tone still we are the bad guys because some dont understand the basics of the genre lol.  I believe in Hip hop because its measure of success isn’t how much money you make but the impact you create  (That said we made lots of money still do but still the EMPTY TIN says tebilimu sente) I’m only here to inspire and aspire” he continued. And went on to say that he is compared to Jay Z alone.

Gravity Omutujju

I only compare my self to Jay Z and Ye because that is where my vision for Ugandan Hip-hop is. I have not stopped anyone from comparing themselves to Greatness !!! The EMPTY TIN is good with its lukewarm style of basic humor but not Hip-hop as a culture. Hip-hop takes a little brainpower! The EMPTY TIN will continue to make its noise as it plunges downhill and make this a competition but we stick to the mission of pushing hip-hop to the mountain top of Zion together” GNL Zamba concluded with a straight punch.

It should however be noted that rapper GNL Zamba shot to fame after dropping his sensational rap song
KoiKoi and a series of others like Ani Yali Amanyi a particular song he reveals that it made the entire
nation fall in love with Hip Hop.  Keep it Times Uganda for your choice news updates.

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