Radio Personality Turned ‘Prophet’ Dj Western Steals Money Again!

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The ugly news coming in on our news desk indicate that self proclaimed prophet and man of God Dan Lubega aka Dj Western has stolen money again. This comes in a period where he has been hunted by another group of people for doing the same in a different district.

Dj Western rose to fame when he started doing a show on the Western Uganda’s biggest radio station Endigyito fm, and ever since then, he attracted media attention and his fan base grew bigger by the day. He then left the Mbarara based radio to some other radio until he landed on the Ibanda based radio Eiraka fm.

From here, it is said that Dj Western following grew even more bigger since the radio station was starting by then, and the trust in people consequently grew even more bigger. He then started up a SACCO group calles Yes We Can, where farmers and other people were asked to keep their money with it.

He since then collected a lot of money that is estimated to be more than 200 million shillings, according to reports from Ibanda. After collecting it, he disappeared from the scene and the premises of the SACCO were closed. This was after he bought a car and made his life easy from people’s sweat.

As if that was not enough, after months of silence and hiding, he went to Mbarara again on another radio station Great African Radio doing The Vibe music show and ran away with his former wrong deeds. It was at this time that he became a ‘prophet’ and started preaching love, peace on social media and started performing ‘miracles’.

This rose hopes that he may have changed a personality and now a clean boy. And his old animal in him resurrected again and as you read this, he is again on wanted after conning over 8 million shillings from a SACCO group called Kigarama People’s SACCO group in Sheema district.

An eye witness told our Times Cops that the ‘man of God’ went to Sheema and lied to the said SACCO heads that he was coming from the the Microfinance support center. After pocketing a whooping over 8 million shillings, he ran away and is in hiding of now. He is known for running his crafted unregistered companies, and he uses them to steal.

We of now have not established why Dj Western is not brought to book even after doing all these dubious fraudulent deals, and stealing people’s money. Could he be having an invincible hand that shields him? The Times Cops launched an investigation and we shall unveil it all.


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