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Rabadaba Promises New Music After Securing Nnalongo Maggie

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“Mukyamu” singer Rabadaba has promised to set the music industry ablaze after her secured
Nnalongo Maggie by his side.

Reports indicate that after the kukyala between Rabadaba and Nnalongo Maggie, Rabadaba is
back to studio and working tooth and nail to reclaim his spotlight in the music scene since he
has his woman by his side.

Building on what he had already established back in the days when his music was played on every street and radio station, the singer had decided that it is time for him to refocus his energy and blow the air waves once more.

Currently, it is alleged that the singer has something brewing for us and soon, every fibre in our bodies shall be vibrating to one of landmark hits that he is surely known for producing and
catching everyone’s ears.

Following his introduction to Nnalongo Maggie, several critics came out to say that it was such a public stunt aimed at drawing some attention to the duo. People search as Full Figure and Grenade Official said.

However, Rabadaba was quick to shut them up as he completely degraded Full Figure referring
to her as an illiterate whom he pities every single man that had tried to get involved with for
her brainless nature.

The lightening speed with which Rabadaba shut up critics could probably be compared with the
speed at which he is back to seize the music industry as reports indicate that the singer is
working tirelessly.


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We shall keep our eyes to the ground to inform you as soon as the hit lands on the air waves.
Keep it locked at TimesUg for the latest music audios as well as the trending celebrity gossip,
don’t be in the dark.

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