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Nnalongo Maggie Finally Pregnant of Rabadaba’s Baby

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Recent pictures of Rabadaba and newly wedded wife Nnalongo Maggie spark pregnancy
rumors. Yes Nnalongo Maggie is finally pregnant.

This was due to the fact that in the couple’s pictures, it seems Nnalongo Maggie is pregnant as her stomach seemed a little rounder than usual and this immediately sent social media in-laws into celebration in anticipation of a baby.

Rabadaba and Nnalongo Maggie recently had their Kukyala ceremony and basing on how things
appeared during the event, the public only needs to prepare for the couple’s Nikkah which is at
the door.

Even after criticisms came up from people like Full Figure and Grenade Official, also Nnalongo’s
ex-lover, Rabadaba was quick to shut them up while Nnalongo Maggie was busy loving her
man, and now she is pregnant for him.

Due to this, it would be no surprise if the two are in deed expecting a child for the product of
such an unconditional love between two people is usually the blessing of a baby who may be on
the way.

Although everyone knows Nnalongo Maggie for having been a lover to now deceased AK-47 as
the couple was even blessed with a set of twins, Rabadaba claims Maggie and himself had long
had something going on as he stole her goat back in the late nineties.

With this said and done, there’s surely no limit the couple has not reached and even amidst the
rumors of their interests in each other being totally material, the two seem to be going strong
and their love maybe beyond measure.


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Since Nnalongo Maggie is pregnant, we hope Rabadaba is now the happiest man. Congratulations Rabadaba and Maggie

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