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Queen of Buganda Attends Sarah Nassanga Wedding, Many Left Wishing

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Former Ugandan United Arab Emirates based house maid Sarah Nassanga wedding certainly
went down in history as Queen of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda graced it at Namirembe Cathedral

This took the entire congregation by shock as well as many Ugandans as it is not a walk in the park for the busily scheduled Queen to squeeze a few minutes for a civilian’s wedding ceremony. However, that was not the only surprise at this beautiful wedding as even Sarah’s former boss graced the wedding.

Contrary to the usual stereotype that Arab bosses are heartless, Emirate Khalid Al Ameri Sarah’s former
boss along with his wife Salama Mohamed and their children jetted into the country just to honor the union of the two.


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The Asian couple even went an extra mile to cater for all the glamorous wedding’s expensiveness as earlier pledged when they landed foot in the pearl of Africa. This comes along with other privileges as Nassanga Sarah can go back to work after her honeymoon and she is also permitted to come back home to check on her husband whenever she feels like it.

Unlike many Ugandans who are stranded in the United Arab Emirates and exposed to inhumane punishments, Nassanga Sarah situation seems to have shaped a new perspective in most people’s minds and we shall probably be having more young ladies flying out of the country.

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