Promoter Balaam gives musicians new hope

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According to Events organizer Promoter Balaam Barugahara, there is a newfound hope for Musicians as government promises to lift Ban on events.

For a long time now, musicians have been crying to the government to relax them to start doing shows because that’s how they earn but the government gave them a deaf ear.

But today TimesUg is here to inform you that most musicians received a smile on their faces as producer Balaam broke the good news on how the government has heard their plea. However, Musicians will be required to follow the Standard Operating procedures as put by the Ministry of health in a bid to curb COVID-19. Since their shows are going to run in the era of scientific functions they are expected to have a small gathering and also keep social distance.

“The Good news I have for you artists, promoters is that your “Jaja” (President Museveni) has heard your pleas, and anytime from now he will lift the ban on events. They will However happen scientifically while putting the Ministry of Health guidelines in practice.” Promoter Balaam said.

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Although Balaam did not mention the exact date when this will take place at least it has given hope to all those artists that were running out of patience.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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