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Promoter Bajjo to expose artistes who gained fame from sacrificing people

Events Promoter Bajjo events real name Mukasa Alfonso Andrew has threatened to expose artistes who have got fame from sacrificing human beings. Years ago, the topic about sacrificing human beings to get fame and money was common. There was something called illuminati where they said people would go to get money by putting their human blood.

Ugandan artistes that were linked to that are Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool,  Juliana Kanyomozi and many others although it wasn’t proved to be right. Recently the sacrificing of someone was pinned to Spice Diana after a young man was allegedly murdered from her home. Some people said Spice Diana sacrificed him to have a successful show but all that was rumor.

Now that Promoter Bajjo has had ups and downs with different artistes, it looks like sacrificing of human beings is real in Uganda’s music industry. He has been close with artistes for so many years and he knows what we don’t know as people. After the exchange of bitter words between Bajjo and artistes about the exact money to be paid to them in shows, he is ready to spill more secrets about them if they don’t back down.

“Ugandan artistes are very stupid they don’t even know what they want as people. Me as  Bajjo I know them very well. I know how they do their things and they know I know they don’t deserve so much money. Different artistes have sacrificed human beings to get fame and money. I know them very well and if they continue saying what they want about me I am going to expose them. I will release a list those that have sacrificed people abd the world will know the dark side of them,” Promoter Bajjo said.

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