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Promoter Bajjo Stings Government and Says There is no Coronavirus in Uganda

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After the country being in a lockdown for over two months, so as to control the spread of the pandemic. Music promoter Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo says there is no Corona Virus in Uganda and adds that it is just president Museveni’s scare project.

Speaking to the Media recently, confused Bajjo says that COVID19 is a myth in Uganda that the
president is using to control the nation. He Says that coronavirus exists in countries like USA, Kenya and Rwanda but not Uganda. He added saying that when the president realized that he was slowly losing to people power he decided to use the COVID19 situation to attract attention.

I think this is a planned project by president Museveni. In Uganda, we don’t have Corona Virus. It only exists in Countries like USA, Kenya and Rwanda. The president used this opportunity to take Uganda back into his hands because he was slowly losing the nation to people power” Bajjo said.

Many people have come up with the sane allegations. Aside from Bajjo, there is also pastor Yifa who in March was remanded to Prison and charged for misinformation which would easily leas to the spread to the pandemic. Since Bajjo has hit the same spot let’s wait and see what Bajjo us likely to get out of his big mouth.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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