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Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja Explains How to Get Your COVID-19 Relief Money

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This morning, while at a television show, the Prime Minister of Uganda, Rt Hon Nabbanja Robinah has come out to answer the many unanswered questions. These include on how will Ugandans especially the vulnerable poor get the Coronavirus (covid-19) relief money via mobile money?

Well, first of all, among other questions that are bothering Ugandans is, how will the government determine the vulnerable poor that are deemed fit to receive the package? The PM Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja has said that they will use many avenues to ensure all get a share.

Further more, the vulnerable poor that will be considered are those people in urban areas, who survive on money on any particular day. Again, a committee headed by Gen Moses Ali has been put up to monitor and do accountability for this whole process.

More so, Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja says that, they decided to use Mobile Money because it cuts costs like administration ones, especially on transport. Brokerage fees among others thus mobile money being the easiest way to carry out the process.

And those who do not have mobile money? will they receive anything? well, yes they will. As per Hon Prime Minister’s say, those without mobile money will receive their money using vouchers. When asked how the ministry will decide on how they well understand the vulnerable poor, Hon Robinah Nabbanja replied firmly.

That, they have also formed a committee that will work closely with the NIRA to understand those that are vulnerable and those that have some money on them. But still, this leaves us in space on how NIRA will determine this. If they are to use the details these people gave in while registering for national Identity cards, then it is wrong.

Many people shift and change places of residence, some registered while they were still in villages and they entered town, they are still poor but may not be known. And many more hiccups in this, like people who have not registered with NIRA but are in towns and have nothing to eat this 42 days lockdown.

And again, how of those who registered and died but their deaths were not registered? What if money is sent their and the numbers are no longer functional? Let us wait and see on what Hon Robinah Nabbanja has for us.


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