Poverty Blocking Ugandans From Justice – Rachel Odoi Musoke States

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Poverty is known to be the major constraint Africans are facing, but absolute poverty has not only been a song of the day in Africa, but also a blockade to Justice in countries like Uganda. This comes in many forms, and the major one being a hindrance to local people from getting justice in time, as Rachel Odoi Musoke explains on Uganda’s case.

While talking to journalists, the Senior Advisor at the Justice Law and Order Sector notes that the sector has tried to ease access to justice but complainants normally are short of even transport to follow up on their respective suits.

Rachel Odoi Musoke continues to say that this is attributed by poverty Ugandans are facing that they can hardly afford transport fares to take complainants to the nearest justice units. This has been a blow to the justice system too, despite the efforts put in to make sure the services get to the lowest person, still they can not make it most of them

This in return, has delayed justice to reach those that need it in time, hence poor judicial services received by Ugandans. Note that, poverty ate in Uganda are above 80% dropping from 92.5% as of 2002, most of the poor group being the youths.


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