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Please use cond0ms- Nakankaka cries out after Bad Black blasted for having STD’s

TikToker and socialite wannabe Yvonne Nakankaka has advised all men there to always put on protection when going to chew women’s sumbie. This comes at a time after faded socialite and thigh vendor Bad Black blasted for having a cocktail in between her legs.

It should be noted that Nakankaka was the talk of social media after her video having her sumbie chewed surfaced . She was all full of EKYOVU and many people came out to applaud her. These said that the Bongo she was releasing is the real deal that men always want their wires bathing in.

However, that was it until Bad Black blasted her saying these are UTI‘S. She said that Naknkaka is suffering from the likes of gonorrhea, syphilis and candida. Mama Jonah went ahead to advise Nakankaka to seek treatment. Nakankaka has now advised men to make sure they don’t chew without insulation otherwise they might fall in the danger zone that Bad Black said she has or even worse.

“Don’t forget to wear a condom bro,” Nakankaka tweeted.

However, many were quick to question her why her man wasn’t putting on in their video. But they say do as I say not as I do and maybe she has a reason why she sounded out this warning.

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