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Pinky is not my replacement or rival – Sheebah clear the air

Singer Sheebah Karungi also known as Karma Queen Sheebah has cleared the air about her relationship with former manager Jeff Kiwa and TNS new signing Rahma Pinky. Sheebah was signed on to TNS for more than nine years. In fact her music career started with Jeff Kiwa who managed to push her to where she is at the moment in the music industry.

Like any other person as Sheebah grew up and matured in the industry, she started facing the reality and decided to separate ways from Jeff Kiwa and do her own things in business and with her career. Fans were wondering if she is going to make it without Jeff Kiwa because all her music career life has been rotating around him and other team mates but Sheebah is proving to everyone that with or without Jeff Kiwa she can actually make it.

Now months after their separation, Sheebah has managed to release music and it has still crossed Kampala and become hit songs. On top of that she is also having a two day concert at Serena Hotel which she says is her dream ever since she started singing. With all that aside, Sheebah has revealed that she wonders why people think that Rahma Pinky who Jeff Kiwa recently signed is her replacement or rival.

She said Rahma Pinky needs time and support from fans because it is her time to be where she is and Sheebah has nothing to do with it because she is also moving on.

“I wonder why people think that Pinky is my replacement or rival. It is her time to be where she is, and my time to move on” Sheebah said

It should be noted that Sheebah recently said she is willing to give Rahma Pinky a collaboration to push her career Forward in case Jeff Kiwa comes to her and asks for it.

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