PICTURES: All You Need to Know About Hoima International Airport Uganda

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  • Hoima International airport is going to be the first Western Uganda's international airport
  • The whole project employs 80% of Ugandans and it has over 800 workers

As the Uganda government dedicated itself to provide quality services to its people, a lot had to be met and construction of more airports was among those to be met. That is why we saw the birth of Hoima International Airport Uganda. As the works advance and nearing half of the completion stage, we have collected all the facts and updates you should know about this project and here we are.


The contract to do the whole project was secured by Colas in a joint partnership with SBI International Holdings AG in May 2017. It comprises full construction of an international airport on land previously used for farming. The extensive scope of works included construction and implementation of runway, taxiway and apron pavements, earthworks and drainage, Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) and navigational aids, employee housing, land side roads, water supply and sewage system and electricity supply.

It is further known that the land utilized for the development of the refinery and airport is located in the Western part of Uganda which consists of farmland, shrubs and wetland. The nearest port from which to transport materials involves a 1,700km road journey through mountainous areas. The new Code 4F runway uses an asphalt mix specially designed to suit the environment and climate, and will receive AN-12 4 cargo planes to Boeing 747s


All works are expected to be complete by February 23, 2023. The project is funded by United Kingdom Export Finance (UKEF). This very Hoima International airport Uganda project is estimated to be worth $309m which is about 1.1 trillion shillings
Still, the project is confirmed to employ around 830 people where at least 98% of the people employed are Ugandans leaving the 2% as foreigners who include technicians, engineers and many others holding different technical positions. Again, 20% are females as 80% are men, and about 30% are from Hoima district.
  • The only International Airport in the Western part of Uganda
  • The project is at 48% completion phase
  • It’s a Turn-key project
  • It has a workforce close to 900
  • Runway is 3,500m in length and covers a total of 5km² including safety zones
  • A dedicated stone quarry
  • Over 4 million m³ earthworks to date
  • It has an on-site health clinic established


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