Photos of Tina Fierce in a Wedding Gown Confuse Fans, is it a Real Wedding?

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Ever since this year began, queen of television and gossip mistress Tina Fierce has been in the news. Starting from the day she went on rampage with Sheilah Gashumba for making her a talk of the day and uttering  ‘defamatory‘ words against her. Now Tina Fierce wedding is here.

This consequently, escalated the factors that led to Tina’s exit from the industrial area based Urban television, and she decided to first take a chill pill from television. Well, we are here to tell you that the motor mouthed gossip queen is said to be off the hook, after Tina Fierce appearing in a wedding gown with an unknown man.

These photos have completely shattered the internet as the social media in laws have been swerved on a shocker of their lives, yes, they did not see this coming. And besides, who would predict that Tina would get married in this tense situation currently in Uganda of political quagmire?

Tina, seems to be denying this in a cheeky way and this has confused the in laws the more. However, according to the ones that took the photos of this moment, known as Dynasty, Tina was caught up in a love-like moment where she raised her head, and planted her lips to the man in blue, as if she was telling him “rule my world  baby“.

Let love rain. We can not be any more grateful to Tina Fierce for giving us the opportunity to style her on this” Dynasty posted. It is further being learnt that Dynasty major in fashion designing and photography. So can we comfortably say that Tina is fully wedded? Let us wait for it.

Tina Fierce Wedding Times Uganda


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