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PHOTOS – Blue Tygar Proposes To Macie

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Blue Tygar alias Buluke Brian has finally proposed to his long time girlfriend Nankunda Macie.

Filled with excitement, the “Wantegela” hitmaker took it on his social media platform and announced his engagement. He shared with his fans how his girlfriend agreed that they can dance together at their wedding. This has come a few weeks to Valentine’s Day.

“On a classic Romantic Dinner proposal. I asked her. Will you accept we put our hearts into each other’s hands for life? And she replied with a yes. She wore the Ring for yes. (he smiled)” Blue Tygar posted.

While in a one on one interview with him. He managed to reveal to us one of the reasons as to why he decided to commit himself. He said that for all the time he has been with Macie she has at least proved to him that the two can progress together. Also, he said Macie loves him and also makes him look good.

“I decided to commit myself to her because she loves and cares for me. She makes me look good. Macie has taught me how to save money which we later use to develop ourselves. She is not a selfish person but someone that knows what is good and how to get it.” Blue Tygar said.

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However, talking about his “wantegela” hit, he went ahead and told us that the person who inspired him to make that hit is someone who tried to understand him. Could it be Mercie??

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