Phina Mugerwa Advises Young Artistes To Lean From Pioneers

Uganda is one of the countries with the most talented young people especially when it comes to entertainment industry. But there are very few artistes that cross the Ugandan border to other countries and people have been wondering what could be the problem as to why musicians are not becoming international.

However in Uganda’s music industry there are so many issues that have been raised and one of those issues are disrespect. According to one the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) leaders Phina Mugerwa the older generation used to respect the pioneers and in that way they had an opportunity to be trained and be the people they are now.

With this new generation they see themselves as the people on point and they have no respect for elders. They are not mentored at all. Phina Mugerwa told young artistes to learn from the pioneers it will help them be the people they want to be in the future.

“Our generation of artists was trained to build a personal brand. However, young artists today do not have the support we had and that’s why I encourage them to learn from the pioneers,” Phina Masanyalaze

Talented Phina Mugerwa said with the mentorship she got she decided to be w corporate musicians especially when she is outside her job. Mugerwa revealed that people used to think that an artiste should always be dressed indecently in short clothes which is not supposed to be like that. But with her future plans of being beyond an artiste, her dressing code changed and she wants the young artistes to also learn that from her to take it to another level.

“I decided to become a corporate musician when am off stage because of what I want to do with my life,” Phina Masanyalaze

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