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People are Broke That’s Why They Attacked Me – Tycoon Lwasa

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Self styled tycoon and Masaka born Lwasa has come again in the news after a while, and this time he is attacking people who branded him a ‘fool’. This came in after he bitterly broke up with his long time lover Diana Nabatanzi who the two had spent 5 years in a relationship without a kid.

In retaliation, Tycoon Lwasa started to go verbal to Diana Nabatanzi branding her a failure and a money eater only. He further stressed his dissatisfaction saying that, Diana refused to sire kids with him that she only liked fancy living with no accountability.

The BBS Telefayina employee, Diana Nabatanzi however kept quiet on the matter as she watched tycoon Lwasa getting introduced by another babe Angel, to her parents. This is all how it went with all the waters spilling from the tycoon.

This called for people to come in (social media in laws) and attack Lwasa saying he is a man he would not spill the dirty secrets he had about Diana Nabatanzi. He however remained defiant and kept driving his points home until he got tired and went mute.

Today, he was found with his new love, while on a simple drive and was asked why he is making the mugole look good, he replied saying that it is the beginning for her to shine. He moved on to say that he left people to talk because they are broke. And asked whether there is a villager and uncivilized man who is broke as the social media in laws branded him.

I let people talk by branding me uncivilized, but is there any villager that is rich like me? Is there any stupid man that has money? I have my mouth and I have to speak and let people know how evil Diana Nabatanzi is” the tycoon Lwasa roared mercilessly.


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