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Pastor Yiga is Dead, But Our God is Still Alive – Pastor Andrew Jjengo

Revival Ministries Kawaala new pastor Andrew Jjengo who is the son of deceased founding pastor Augustine Yiga Abizaayo has come out to comfort the followers of the church not to relent in their faith due to the death of the lead pastor Yiga.

According to Pastor Andrew Jjengo, there will be a number of enemies who will want to exploit the opportunity to shake the faith of the followers. And he called upon the believers to stand on their feet and believe God will keep them standing.


Stand on your two feet and tell them, yes it is true my pastor has died, but our God still lives,” he said amidst ululation and cheers. Pastor Jjengo in a swipe at Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga said that certain people are happy and satisfied with the death of his father.

I want to tell whoever it is that the ministry that was in pastor Yiga is going to rise amongst us with an even greater strength,” he added. Before his death, Yiga had started a number of programs including the famous one dubbed “Kyolifa Tewerabide” loosely translated as “what memory you will take to your grave” that was widely comic.

In this program, members of the congregation would speak freely about terrible scenarios that they have gone through and Yiga would make the moment comical enough while providing solutions in his own way. Now Pastor Jjengo says such things will continue with the church.

I know many of you have been crying to the pastor every day, in the different programs. I want to assure you, that we shall be here every day, putting our problems and tears before God.” Jjengo concluded. Pastro Yiga’s body was laid to rest at his home in Kawaala amidst tears and break down.


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