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Pallaso Mayanja Confesses How Musicians are Currently Depressed

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Singer Pius Mayanja or as he is popularly known Pallaso has come out to say that many
musicians are not fine. Yes, he sounds the alarm that many have feared to sound saying that, if something is not done, things may go to the west for artistes.

While speaking on behalf of his senior brother Weasel that has been widely criticized for his
actions against his houseboy, Pallaso Mayanja said that people should go easy on his brother who is not
fine just like many artistes in the industry.

His actions are mostly driven by frustration. Many people in the industry are not okay, and we
should be kind to them,”  Pallaso Mayanja said while defending Weasel’s violent tendencies that landed his worker in the hospital with a broken leg and damaged head.

It had been over a year since musicians ever got a chance to perform thanks to the Covid-19
pandemic. Hence due to this situation, their only source of income has been cripple leading to
their frustration.

More to this, Pallaso Mayanja defended Weasel on grounds that he has never recovered from the tragic
death of his music partner Radio who succumbed to injuries he attained in a bar brawl back in

In the past, the Mayanja’s mother had also disclosed to media that Pallaso Mayanja still battled with the
long time impacts of the death of not just his dance partner but also a friend that had turned
into a family member.


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Let us keep Pallaso in prayers so that he can move on past the challenges troubling his life and
become a better person. And just like his mother had suggested, the singer in deed needs

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