Owor Paul Was Framed to Jail – Source Reveals the Untold Story

The former Busiro South Member of Parliament candidate Owor Paul was sent into jail after he appeared at Jinja Police station. This sent social media especially twitter to a frenzy as both well wishers and haters of Paul were left in the dark.

Paul Owor alias Hustle King and three other were arrested for allegedly receiving US$22,000 (about Shs77 million) from a Chinese businessman and cases of obtaining money by false pretense and extortion of money were put against the former Busiro South parliamentary candidate.

A very close source has however revealed to this Times Uganda that, the whole thing was planned and politically motivated. The same source reveals the untold story, saying that Owor Paul was at the police station top help his Chinese friend out on a task that he had called him for.

Earlier on, before all happened, that Chinese had his people thrown behind bars on allegations of manufacturing fake agro-chemical products after their warehouse was raided. So he reached out to Paul Owor to help him get his people out, which Paul never hesitated.

Since it was a police case, Owor Paul called his friend and lawyer called Emma and they went together. On reaching, the police asked for money to release the suspects. When they asked for how much, police asked for 300 million Uganda shillings. And they negotiated up to around 80 million shillings.

Paul was called to just help the Chinese get out his people that were put into jail after raiding their warehouse. He reached there, the police asked for 300 million and they negotiated up to around 80 million shillings” The source reveals. It is from this point that the police changed it’s mind and turned against Paul and imprisoned him for 7 days.

When the Chinese gave Paul the money to hand it over to the police since he was the one negotiating, he was instead thrown behind then bars” the source further reveals. The same source reveals that, this all happened after Paul giving money to the police and then, they refused to release the prisoners.

Even after paying them, the police refused to release the prisoners, and when Paul started following up, he was thrown behind bars instead” the source continued to assert. It is after a hard hustle from Owor Paul’s family and his few friends with his lawyer, that he was released.


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Further more, it is being learnt that, the whole saga was politically motivated, after the police learnt that it was Owor Paul that was in the case, political players were notified and they finally got to fix him in jail since they had all along been looking for ways of suffocating his strong political status that was built on a pure heart of charity and giveaways.

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