OS Suuna Demands Respect Over Online Concert idea

Veteran singer OS Suuna has come out to say that artists ought to recognize his effort in as far as
online concerts are concerned.

According to him, he pioneered the idea which subsequently drew many other artists towards it
and therefore he deserves to be treated with utmost respect for thinking about the idea and
putting it into action.

I started this thing of online performances, I am its pioneer. Many artistes have adopted it
which is good. I am very happy to see that even the most prominent artistes have done it but I
believe they have to credit the person who started it,” OS Suuna said during an interview with a local
media house.

His remarks came shortly after Bobi Wine and Nubian Li’s online performance which was
dubbed Ensassage mu Nyumba concert on Sunday at which no attribution was made to him for
coining such a great idea.

Since the lockdown was installed and musicians stopped from performing, many of them
decided to adopt to online concerts as a means of survival during these trying times as a
product of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, aside from his fans, no one has made endeavors in as far as attributing the
wonderful idea to OS Suuna is concerning which has devastated him for their incompetence and


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Therefore, OS Suuna called upon government to come up with an alternative since musicians are
really struggling thanks to the ongoing pandemic and the situation in which most arts currently

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