President Museveni Releases 16 Songs He Listens to

We all know that President Museveni has that musical ear and taste in him right from his bush war days to the current state he’s in. He became famous for the music during the 2011 presidential campaigns after his Mpenkoni song became a countrywide hit. Since then he’s been rubbing shoulders with musicians and these have been a large part of his mainstay in power. Museveni revealed that the name of this album is Omufunga Eizooba.

Now Museveni seems to have decided to have ago at these musicians. While launching a 16 track album by compiled by his daughter Natasha Karugire, Museveni said that some musicians currently release noise in the guise of music. He went ahead to list some of his favorite songs and man, these classics that you may never have heard of.

“I was pleased to launch “Omufunga Eizooba” a traditional music album as Patron of the Heritage foundation. Our rich African heritage which manifests itself in music, dances, literature, and songs, should be fully documented & preserved to benefit future generations.”

From these songs, Museveni even derived words to create the Kinyankore dictionary known as Katondozi. He also added that these songs were created many years ago. However, they couldn’t be developed due to the uncertain colonial times. He then drove a dagger into some musicians who he said record noise and think it’s music.

“The music is excellent. This is music and not noise and I enjoy it so much. I see some groups making noise and calling it music. It is the main music in my cars when I am driving, plus some religious tunes and NRM songs.”

He also listed some of his favorite songs ofd this album.
“1.Maaga: Enanga yo kutonzya
2. Maaga: Mpoora Nshokoozo
3.Kambara: Ekiziniro kya Kanyena.
4.Kanini: Omushana Gwakangire.
5.Katokye: Bwera ye Bigabiro
6.Katokye: Masindi na Kijunjubwa.”

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