Old Music is more Appreciated than the current one – DJ Dan Yo

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As the saying goes that Old is Gold, DJ Dan Yo also finds old music better than current music.

Deejay Dan Yo is that one person that has been in the industry for a long time. He entered the industry in 1992 with Rasta Rob MC and Alberto.

While appearing on NBS TV today, he managed to give his background as a Deejay. He started Deejaying at the age of six and he has been doing it for the last few 28years. This makes him think that he was born a Deejay because he is still counting more years as a Deejay.

Asked to compare old music with the current, he said that old music is well appreciated more than current music. He said that musicians in the old days used to give music a lot of time which is not the case with today’s musicians.

Old Music is more Appreciated than the current one - DJ Dan Yo
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“Old Music is more appreciated today because Artists used to release one song and it plays for a full year as they work on another song. This has changed with time because current musicians release songs on pressure. They are in an industry full of competition they are ruled by their audience which has affected their music production” Deejay Dan Yo explained

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