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Nubian Li narrates how he ended up with a bald head behind the “closed doors.”

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Vocalist Nubian Li was known for his signature looks with dreadlocks on his head, however, to the astonishment of many, he returned from prison with a new look, the hair on his head was no more!

Here is all that happened to Nubian Li’s hair while he was in the confines of a prison cell.

According to Nubian Li, the decision to either keep his hair or cut it off was no longer an option since the order came from above stating that all his hair had to be cut off and he ought to be as bald as an egg.

His first-ever public appearance with his signature hair look since hitting the limelight was back in February when he appeared before the court. As though that was not shocking enough, Sir Dan Magic had his hair no more and Eddie Mutwe’s well-nurtured beard was trimmed as well.

This caused many eyebrows to shoot up as whispers were spread and questions asked but answers were never got as the group was loaded onto a prisons bus and off to Kitalya prison they went.

Upon their release on Monday, all sorts of questions were thrown in about their stay behind the coolers, the conditions and the most prime question, “What happened to your hair, where did it go?”

And the only answer that the group through their mouthpiece Nubian Li could matter was that “they were orders from above,” there’s nothing they could do but earn themselves bald heads in exchange for their famous dreadlocks.

This was all the information that Nubian Li could attain from the warden that was sent to come and deal his hair as the top officials had instructed him to. And despite the fact that he wanted to keep his hair, the boss’s order had to be followed.

“They came for me and I told them my hair is one of the ways I brand myself. They refused saying it was the policy of prison. The order to have my hair cut came from above. They would have let me keep it but they said their bosses insisted that I cut it off,” he narrated.

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Such is just one of the ordeals the political prisoners had to face while off in the confines of Kitalya prisons, away from the watchful eyes and attentive ears of the public.

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