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Never date a woman richer than you- Bruno K shares his story

Singer Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K has advised his male fans and social media followers to never date a woman who is financially better than them. The Faridah singer added that unless it’s urgent, it should never be tried at all. He went ahead to share his own experience of dating a loaded woman.

According to the singer, years ago he dated a girl that was richer than him. However, the level of disrespect was untold. One day she told him how she was going out on a date with an ex of hers. However, since he was a broke and benefiting from her, he couldn’t day anything back at her.

“My brothers unless it’s urgent, never date a woman Richer than you. 8 years back I dated a loaded Gal from a very wealthy family. There was love but zero respect. I remember one time she told me “hun am going on a date with my ex Tom” yiiiiiiii broke men suffer alot,” he communicated.

People quickly ran to the comment section to name their opinions felt at this issue raised by Bruno K. Among these was his rumored sugar mommy, Faridah Nakazibwe.  She comforted the singer by saying that they will never forgive Tom. “Tom tetulimusonyiwa,” she replied alongside laughing emojis.

However, more comments came in saying that he was referring to the NTV presenter. And it seems like all the comments especially agree with Bruno K as they all said that dating a richer woman is a no go zone.

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