National Unity Platform under attack by Police in Nsambya

National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters and leaders are under attack in Nsambya where they had gathered for end of year prayers. Ever since NUP came into existence in 2020, they have never had end of year prayers. But they have always gathered for different meetings and prayers especially for the people that they lost in 2021.

During the 2021 generation elections in the month of December, some people died in the campaigns and as a way of remembering them NUP organized a ceremony with prayers. The ceremony was supposed to take place today at Nsambya Youth Sharing center and Bobi Wine had also posted about it calling their supporters to come through.

As people approached the venue, there was so much police waiting for them denying them to access the hall. Bobi Wine took it to his social media platforms and informed people that as National Unity Platform they are under attack. The military and police has surrounded the venue and blocked everyone from accessing it. Bobi Wine said some people are being arrested as they approach the venue but as NUP they are not giving up. They are trying to overcome everything.

“We’re under attack. The military and police have intercepted us on our way from the blocked prayers. They’re arresting comrades. We shall overcome! We shall not give up,” Bobi Wine posted.

Bobi Wine went ahead and branded government with police and military cowards as they denied them from accessing the hall.

“The criminal regime has deployed heavily at Nsambya Sharing Hall, where we are gathered for end of year prayers! What a cowardly bunch,” Bobi Wine posted.

It should be noted that in these chaos of police and National Unity Platform (NUP) people is always leading to deaths, injuries and people getting arrested for no reason.

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